Getting started


Colonial city of Antigua, Guatemala


In our project, my team and I are testing ‘flipped learning’ in a core BA International Studies subject, entitled Contemporary Latin(o) Americas. This elective subject is taken by around 35-45 students. It introduces them to contemporary issues and some historical background on the countries they will live in for a year, as part of their in-country study experience. (click on “About” at the top of the page to get an idea of subject content).

I began the flipped learning experiment with lots of optimism and enthusiasm (as well as a little anxiety) and although it is early days yet, the signs are good and students are responding positively. I began by getting support from the other two lecturers in the subject, one of whom is also part of the Learning 2014 L&T grant. I also sought advice from staff in the Institute for Interactive Media and Learning (IML), in particular Tanj Golja, who helped refine goals and the approach. The Teaching & Learning small research grant allowed me to hire a student, Katherine Carnachan, who studied this subject in 2011 and who just finished her year of study in Mexico in December 2012. She has recent memory of both the subject and how it is meant to prepare students for in-country study.

The blog has personal photos for each entry. All photos are enlargeable if you click them.


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