So what’s changed?


There was only one main change to the subject’s structure and sequence of seminars, and that took the form of all lectures being pre-loaded onto UTSOnline one week before class. And only half of these lectures are delivered face to face. I retained half of the face-to-face lectures to maintain contact and continuity with the students, especially since there is only one tutorial and the only face-to-face contact the other lecturers have is through the lectures or office consultation hours. And to be honest, because this is my first time doing this, I didn’t want the experiment to blow up in my face, being a novice in flipped learning!

The other major change in the subject is that tutorials have become more dynamic with students generating tutorial questions from the online lectures and set e-readings. These questions are then sent to the tutor prior to the tutorial and the tutor sorts through them, choosing the most common and targeted ones which best responded to the desired learning outcomes. The second half of the tutorial is dedicated to group work around shared cultural themes.


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