Need help? Ask an expert


Bogotá, Colombia


One of the keys in helping me rethink the assessment has been the assistance of Dr Adam Morgan (IML). Adam provided advice on how to run group work in the cultural case studies (assessment 3) without students becoming disenchanted because of previous negative experiences.

  • One strategy we used was to reduce the group work component to only 10% of the final mark so there isn’t too much at stake if it fails.
  • The other strategy is to get students to collaborate by critiquing each other’s cultural case studies as they work in small groups on a shared cultural theme, but each student submits their own individual assignment on an aspect of the general theme. This will represent 30% of the final mark.
  • The 10% component will be based on a combined submission developed by the group as a whole and can take the form of a creative poster on the group theme, or a 500-word one-page critical summary.

Here’s what the description of this task looks like to students in their subject outline: Cultural case study assessment

My intention in using these strategies is to generate more ‘buy-in’ by students without the anxiety or resentment of crashing because of ‘free-riders’ in group work.


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