Student survey 1 results: Facebook


Antigua, Guatemala


Though student opinion was likewise split on the usefulness of an ‘in-house’ (closed) Facebook site, most certainly thought it would be a good idea: ‘I like the idea that the class would be interacting, sharing ideas outside of the classroom on a platform they are comfortable with’; ‘it might facilitate more discussion, rather than just one-way emails from tutors’; ‘it would enable people to gain insights that they might not otherwise have thought of’. But: ‘No, I like that everything is consolidated on UTS online, I don’t want to have to be juggling various sites for this subject’. Students were nevertheless willing to give it a try for the opportunity of having another, more flexible forum where they might interact, share and collaborate privately with just members of the group and load up their own photos and videos. It allows members to talk to each other in real time or catch up with the conversation later.


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