Replacing f2f lectures with video presentations


Remains of Teotihuacán, pre-Columbian Mesoamerican city, northeast of Mexico City

It’s time to test online video lectures as an alternative to f2f. But first, I need to work out the best way to do this. Two questions: how is it technically done?; and what is the best format? I am meeting with IML staff today to discuss. I guess I want a kind of video lecture that is actually broken up into some bite-size chunks based on key points for that week’s seminar theme. Each should be no more than a few minutes maximum each. Then when information has to be updated each year, I do not have to re-record the whole lecture. In addition, I am thinking of a series of slides with text, images (and perhaps moving images) and my recorded voice in the background narrating the information so it all has some ‘human presence’. However, I don’t want my head on screen reading text – that’s just a text with a head, if you get me.


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