Developing a Captivate lecture on Colombia

Cuban restaurant, Bogotá, Colombia


I am working with Dr Nicholas Morgan from the University of Newcastle, England to develop a comprehensive lecture on Colombia to be delivered through Captivate software and made available globally as as an Open Education Resource. The Captivate lecture is taking longer than expected to put together. I was unprepared for, and had unrealistic expectations about, how much practical work needs to be done to make it attractive and different (and a difference that makes a difference).  It will have several sections, provisionally: history, politics, culture, economics, race, etc. “Culture”, for example, would further cascade into popular music, religious festivals, craftwork, food, etc. The different sections will have audio clips of lecturers’ voices, external links to related sites, digital commons lectures from internationals sites,  and interactive elements for students. I think we can combine knowledges and produce something really valuable. If the project works, I will do the same for the Mexico lecture and also the introductory lecture on “First Contact: the Impact of Iberian Colonisation on the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas”.


2 thoughts on “Developing a Captivate lecture on Colombia

  1. Captivate is a great tool, but requires knowledge, practice and time. It’s interesting to see this one: Simple Ways to Create Videos to Engage Your Students ( Everyone can do it! 🙂
    In practice, I did create online tutorials via ppt show (with time recorded). It looks just like a ‘video’. You also can add sounds and make it looks more like a video.

    • Thanks Wei! Tip gratefully accepted. Actually, since that post I have found lots of shortcuts. I want to test a few different types of delivery modes to strike a balance between ease of use and functionality (different bells and whistles)

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