Second student survey – hits and misses

Students were surveyed a second time at mid-semester point and after the submission of their cultural case studies, worth 40% of their final mark. The purpose was to gauge their reaction/evaluation of the flipped learning classroom, student-centred learning, group work, tutorial structure, and the use of Pinterest as a group exercise. Sample responses (warts and all):

“Do you now get a sense of how flipped learning can contribute to student-centred learning (students helping to generate course content and tutorial structure)?”:

“I understand that it involves more student preparation as well as more student input especially in regards to discussions and the final exam”; “I like the freedom we are given in assignments”; “I really like how student interests are steering the course”; “it’s good to know we have a hand in developing the [final week]  test questions … it’s less burden at the end”. But: “Tutorials could still be a little more structured”; “I am still uncertain how I can actually personally contribute to the learning structure of the subject. Maybe there could be more of an indication of when it is appropriate to introduce topics of personal interest to the rest of the class and pursue these as a group, and when to just pursue them individually, and when to follow the prescribed course”; “yes, however I think smaller group discussions would be beneficial from time to time, as I tend to loaf in large group discussions, particularly because there is so many vocal people in the class who are always on the ball sometimes its hard to get a word in”.

The reception of flipped learning so far is generally positive, but cannot be taken for granted. I think it will “sell better” if the tutorial dynamic and guidelines are refined. I also really need to book one of the new, flexible learning spaces as the new tutorial structure did not work as well as it could have with the conventional classroom layout.


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