Using Pinterest


“Did you find the Pinterest site a helpful tool with your academic learning? If so, how?”

“I like the Pinterest idea and it means you don’t have to physically meet up with group members which is sometimes hard to organize/people can’t be bothered”; “Pinterest was a good platform for posting ideas as a ‘brainstorming’ tool that could be used as a launching point for the individual case studies”; “it was good for providing various representations of Latino culture”; “I think it was a great way to connect with the subject and other students and their case studies’; “Yes, it was an effective visual tool for straight forward collaborating and review of others’ ideas”. But: “No. The assignments have already achieved what needs to be achieved in that regard”; “it needs to be somehow modified with a central email address to allow all group members access as well as making it easier to link it to the CLA(O)S Page”; “I think it’s a good idea but its unfortunate you can’t post pieces of writing or links to some websites. Its very limited to photo/video. Maybe blogs would be better? Like a communal tumblr?”; “We barely used it and felt it was extra, unnecessary work. I understand the premise of the site, for sharing findings and ideas- but my group did that in face to face meetings. If the pinterest site had formed part of the broader tutorial discussion (maybe there could have been a presentation from groups each week? Someway to have the site interact with others)”.

In conclusion, Pinterest has value – it is a useful tool – but its success depends on exactly how it is ‘operationalised’ for maximum benefit and interest. I need to work on this.


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