Homemade videos – easy peasy

I already have a Logitech video camera for my home computer. I downloaded the Logitech Quick Capture software (for free) and made some home videos as an experiment. They were saved automatically as .wmv video files. I then found online a free video converter download – Prism Video File Converter – which does not come with an annoying browser bar you can’t get rid of or any hidden adware. It allows me to convert my .wmv files to mp4 format, which functions better with WordPress. I left the video resolution at Medium 360p when recording. That gives you a softer image, but not blurred. Anymore resolution and every skin blemish leaps out at you.


Constructing a dedicated WordPress blog for CL(O)As

I have constructed a whole new subject delivery site with WordPress  for Spring 2014 start up. I will make the site accessible through the dedicated CL(O)As subject site on UTSonline. The WordPress platform is very attractive and helps me move more fully to flipped learning.