An advantage of flipped learning

The 6th of October (a Monday) is Labour Day in the state of NSW. The classes for my subject are on Mondays. We potentially lose a day, but no probs.Their second assignment (a critical literature review) is not due until 24 October, so they will not be inconvenienced by no tutorial that week.  I looked ahead when designing the course and set assignment deadlines so there were none that week, which is when students tend to most panic and seek face to face advice. Since the lecture and the set readings will be up on the WordPress blog site 2 weeks in advance (as usual), students can do self-directed learning and communicate with me via email or Skype with their queries. I will also set them an extra task in lieu of the tutorial and we will discuss it in the following week’s tute. Conventional teaching, when everything is done face to face, struggles to overcome such obstacles and setting a different class time for that week often clashes with students’ timetable and so there is a poor turnout.


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