Student reflection on my feedback for their assignments – a success!

I followed Simon Housego’s suggestion and allocated a mark for students reflecting on my comments and marks and feeding back to me what they learned, how they would do it differently and whether they thought the mark and comments were fair. Student feedback was rewarded with 20% of the mark for the assignment. At first I thought I had allocated too much as these are basically freebies, but now I realise I did the right thing. The half page feedback from each student has been great. Some samples are in an attached Word doc. I have learned from this process too: I can never take for granted that there is no room for my improvement in my own comments and evaluations; some of the student feedback has alerted me to the fact that occasionally I send mixed messages; and that occasionally I concentrate too much in my feedback on writing style, referencing and organisation (my eternal bugbears) and not enough on critical content (the main game). Several students admit to poor time management and agree that their referencing and English expression need improvement and it “does matter”.

Cultural case study student feedback on my comments


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