Tutorial dynamic – 2 steps forward, one step back

I am still be to be completely satisfied with the tutorial dynamic. Besides allocating half of the tutorial time for students to work in their groups on the cultural case studies (a success), this year I have experimented for the other half of the tutorial with asking students to engage with learning content outside the classroom and send questions/queries about what they don’t understand to workshop during tutorials. It has been a mixed bag: it started out okay with questions being sent, then petered out, then made a brief comeback, then dried up altogether. No harm done, but it didn’t work. In the latter part of the semester I have gone back to last year’s style (‘back to the future’): students each take a turn at critically summarising a set reading, and one also summarises the main points of the weekly lecture (all lectures are pre-loaded onto site 2 weeks in advance).

However, I still need a better way of registering that all students have engaged with learning content before the tutorials. I am loathe to institute a quiz as this adds another assignment and the Faculty (FASS) prefers no more than 3 for a standard humanities subject. In addition, it will be heaps of extra, minute marking for me each week. I better contact IML!


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