Discussing assignment deadlines with students

I asked students today how they were going at this time of the year juggling two degrees and various assignment deadlines, preparing for In-Country Study next year, working part-time, etc. They said lecturers have the tendency to set assignments at the same time near the end of semester, which makes for stressful and sub-standard performance. Since there is little prospect of lecturers changing assignment deadlines just to suit clashes with other subjects (past experience tells us that), I asked students to suggest a solution in the context of flipped learning and students taking co-charge of their own learning. At present assignment deadlines are:

1. Cultural cases study – due end of week 7

2. Critical literature review due end of Week 11

3. In-class test due week 13.

Students suggested moving lit review deadline to end of Week 5 and pushing the cultural case study to Week 9. The lit review also overlaps with the cultural case study in terms of having to find scholarly references and properly reference them. I will go with the students’ suggestion.


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