Great advantage of flipped classroom

I had a student this semester with a disability which kept her from attending most of the classes. No problem. With all learning materials online, especially the lectures, and with prompt email responses from me, she was able to stay in touch and complete her assignments. Yes, she missed out on a lot of the tutorial interaction and my corny jokes and my personal anecdotes about the Latin/o Americas, but she was motivated and was able to demonstrate through her assignments that she had achieved the desired learning outcomes. The only thing I would improve is that next time I will invite the student to chat and discuss with me via Skype, or even invite her/him to do a short presentation, which can be submitted in written format or even a homemade Youtube clip. The idea is that, when necessary, the lack of physical presence in the classroom is overcome to a large degree (even if not completely), so that the student is not doubly punished: punished “by” their condition and “for” their condition.


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