Study less study smart

Marty Lobdell highlights something seldom factored into students’ off-campus learning – their study habits and the availability and use of adequate study space. He offers valuable tips for studying smarter, including breaking up study into smaller pieces for concentrated learning with lots of little breaks; and organising a dedicated study area.

He goes on to say that teachers often explain concepts and processes using anecdotes and examples from their lives, but students need to explain it using their “own” examples. That is why I allow my students to choose their own research topics and their own mode of presenting the results to me.

He also says: “sleep better, learn better” (REM movement key to embedding learning); “The best way to learn is to teach someone else” (“active recitation”); “SQRRR for studying texts – Survey, Question, Read, wRite, Review”.

Do we teach students about study techniques for university level learning? If so, what do we actually tell them? Is studying at university the same as high school? If yes, why? If not, why?


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