From consumers to producers


The sky’s the limit

Though Jackie Gerstein’s comments are mostly directed at the K-12 learning experience, there is no reason why they cannot apply to university too:

Jackie Gerstein:

  • “transform education by inviting students to be something other than consumers of education. They can become makers and creators of their own educational lives, moving from being directed to do something to becoming self-directed and independent learners”.
  • “The educator should set up the conditions for learners to say: ‘I am a good and confident learner’, rather than ‘You are a good teacher’”.
  • “Do your learners produce as much or more of their learning materials as they consume?”

AND: “Education 3.0: Altering Round Peg in Round Hole Education” Education 3.0

Education 3.0 (accessed 18 Dec 2014)



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