Asking the students – what makes a good tutorial?

Cover art from Mando Mondo album by Daivd Grisman

My ideal tutorial dynamic

As a useful classroom activity, I asked my students to write down What makes a good tutorial and what are the responsibilities of the tutor and the student towards making the tutorial a worthwhile learning experience. I attach the verbatim replies – have fun thinking through the responses. I will return to this post at some stage and say what adjustments I have made in response to the students comments. The comments are coloured slightly by the fact that we had already had our first tutorial and they no doubt modelled a few of their answers based on that first experience. I’d like to believe the varied, interactive and comfortable learning environment I try to create from day 1 contributed to some of the replies, though I did ask them to comment on tutorials in general – not just mine. (thanks Peter Kandlbinder for the activity tip)


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