reflective e-journals/e-portfolios

I have had great success getting my students to experiment with reflective e-journals over the last three years. Here is the blurb from the student guide followed by some samples from 2015-16:

The e-portfolio/learning journal is the place where will demonstrate your knowledge and skills through documented pieces of evidence of critical thinking and deep learning experiences in which you reflect on your learning processes and self-development: it means thoughtfully defining an experience, explaining that experience, and explaining its implications – a change in perspective and how it might lead to future actions or the way it has contributed to the development of soft skills might describe how you felt about an assignment, task or experience and what you have learned: new concepts, new approaches to study, future application of knowledge or skills to a whole new context, identification of your learning strengths and weaknesses, or your ability to collaborate successfully in a group. This personal assessment is important to your ‘metacognition’: your active awareness of how your thought processes work in order to maximize the potential for you to become a lifelong learner.

Sample learning journals 2015-16


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