Dr Jeff Browitt and Associate Professor Paul Allatson are recipients of a UTS Teaching & Learning grant to encourage students to connect to the subject Contemporary Latin(o) Americas in a new way by introducing flipped learning approaches, which provide flexible accessibility and increased diversity of educational resources.

The Contemporary Latin(o) Americas subject introduces students to the Spanish-speaking Americas and their sociocultural, political and economic dimensions. The subject is based on the premise that that the “Latinised” USA and Latin America are so mutually intertwined historically, socially, culturally and economically¬†that it makes more sense to study them together.

The subject begins with an overview of the periods of colonisation, independence and nation-state formation as stages vital to understanding Latin America’s problematic insertion into Western modernity in the 20th century, and the complex interactions between the USA and the Spanish-speaking Americas since the mid-19th century.

Students gain knowledge of important sociocultural and historical processes, as well as current theories, concepts and debates, in relation to patterns of change in Latin America and in an increasingly Latinised USA, now the world’s second largest Spanish-speaking country after Mexico. The subject links contemporary Latin American and US Latino peoples and cultures to broader processes of transnationalisation, globalisation and transculturation.


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